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I work with couples using a framework that is based in Relational Life Therapy created by Terry Real. As a certified RLT coach, I have found that this method is very powerful both professionally and personally which is why I am grounded in this model. However,  I am trained in multiple couples approaches and so I often include Gottman methodology and the  Developmental Model of couples therapy within my coaching format.  There are many wonderful tools in these models that can help couples learn new skills and learn more about healthy relationships. My coaching method is also informed by attachment theory, Present Centered Coaching, the values work of Dr. John Demartini, and Dr. Dan Siegal’s Interpersonal Neurobiology. Although one of my specialities is working with LDS mixed-faith marriages, I also coach couples around other differences, conflicts, disagreements, polarizations, diverse perspectives and conflicts. I love working with couples of all kinds and in all situations to help improve communication, connection, and collaboration.

I am an ONLINE coach only and so all of my sessions are done virtually via Zoom. This allows me to work with you no matter where you live in the world while you are in the comfort of your own home.

My coaching sessions are suited to meet your particular needs as a couple. Typically I do 90 minute couples sessions but depending on the needs of the couple, we may do 60 minute sessions. I also offer mini intensive sessions to get  lot of work done in a condensed amount of time if that is more convenient for your schedule. How often and how long we meet depends on the particular couple. My goal is to cater to your specific needs in order to help you make the progress that you would like to see.

As a coach I do not diagnose mental illness or work with trauma, abuse, addiction or sexual dysfunction. Those issues are best served by therapists and specialists. However, you can still participate in coaching if those issues are being addressed separately with a therapist/specialist. My focus will be on helping you know how to move your relationship from a place of feeling stuck and into a place of more connection and collaboration. I will be happy to refer you to a therapist if I feel that you need help beyond the scope of what I am providing. 

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