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What clients have to say about their experience working with me

Mixed-Faith Couple, Utah

We found Suzette at the right time and she was exactly what we needed. We were experiencing some faith shifting in our family and marriage and needed the tools to address a few specific scenarios, and Suzette was able to help us work through things comfortably and honestly. She tailored our sessions to our needs and provided valuable resources for us to use now and going forward. I love how she helped us understand and focus on our values, and she taught us how to validate each others feelings while staying true to our individual values. I would highly recommend Suzette to anyone who is navigating differences in their marriage, large or small.

Individual Client, Washington DC

Working with Suzette helped me understand how to be in a partnership where we have some pretty big dissimilarities, even to the level of what is right and wrong, what is true and what is not. She had great tools, such as finding your most important values (what you really care about, and looking for what the other person really cares about), feeling your feelings instead of thinking them, the path to becoming more differentiated, and learning the nuances of different types of boundaries. What I appreciated most is that she has come to this topic after working through this exact type of conflict in her own partnership. She knew it could be done. Her confidence inspired me.

Mixed-Faith Couple, Utah

My wife and I feel so lucky to have found Suzette! We really enjoyed her style of coaching. Rather than simply give us advice on our issues, she taught us how to communicate and gave us tools so that we can continually resolve these issues on our own. She had us practice communication tools in session and gave us feedback in real-time which was extremely beneficial. Suzette also helped us identify the back and forth "dance" we do in our relationship and how to break those learned, destructive behaviors. It was very eye opening to work with Suzette. She helped us realize that many of our behavior patterns are learned/conditioned behaviors stemming as far back as childhood. My wife and I both felt that we not only learned a lot about our relationship from Suzette, but also a lot about ourselves individually- why we do the things we do and why we want what we want. We felt very stuck before working with Suzette, but now we feel like we have the tools and infrastructure to strengthen our marriage every day. We love Suzette and would recommend any couple in need of help to work with her!

Couples Coaching Client, California

Suzette is one of the people you meet in life that loves what she does. She spends a great deal of time working beyond the sessions to try to figure out ways to help you. This extra work does what cannot be done in a short session. She's also deeply knowledgable and shares that knowledge so that you can understand the process, which in turns helps with the application of the tools she provides. In summary, Suzette is a really good person and a really good resource for anyone looking for help in relationships.

Couples Coaching Client, California

My partner and I had tried multiple marriage counselors prior to Suzette, both in person and on-line. I can honestly say that none of them had the impact that Suzette did on our relationship. Her patience, kindness, directness and compassion while working with us was incredible, and she was able to identify and help us to address multiple issues with our relationship. She was available at all times by email, and her replies were in depth, thought-out and helpful. It is clear she cares deeply for the people that she works with. Suzette was always honest with us, both with her hopes and concerns for our relationship. Unfortunately, my partner and I are currently separated -- the depth of problems in our relationship was too great by the time we sought out Suzette. However, this has not kept me from recommending Suzette to all of my friends, both for couples who are struggling staying married, as well as happy couples that are dealing with the normal difficulties that come with being married. I could not say enough good things about Suzette, and only wish we had been able to work with her years earlier.

Mixed-Faith Couple, Kentucky

We started working with Suzette when we had a pretty big disagreement that we couldn't discuss without getting upset or coming to a solution. We needed help and began relationship coaching with Suzette. After our very first session, we felt hope and knew everything was going to be okay. Suzette does an excellent job at facilitating and observing a conversation between the two of us. She is able to see things from a birds eye view, not take sides, and really help us get to the root of the challenge. She helped us see that conflict is essential in a relationship and taught us how to move through it and come out with a deeper understanding and connection with one another. We went into the coaching with goals and Suzette kept us on track and helped us accomplish them in our 6 sessions together. We plan to continue working with Suzette just for maintenance!

Couples Coaching Client, England

We had been to other therapists before but remained stuck. With the help of Suzette, we were able to have important conversations that we had not been able to have before. We were able to talk about things that needed to be talked about.

-Couples Client, England

Individual Client, Colorado

Each time I have worked with Suzette and with my partner we have come out stronger. I have defined myself better and walk with more integrity both individually and relationally. I get teary thinking about where I was and who I am now and could not recommend her enough. One of the things I love the most is her passion for helping others through relationship challenges.
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