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Quick Gains Couples Immersion

It can be hard to schedule regular sessions as a couple when you are working with two people's different schedules, and often time children or other responsibilities as well. People are busy which often makes for inconsistent scheduling, and it is hard to make progress without consistency. One way to get around this is a 4-hour immersion session.  Sometimes it can be easier to get a babysitter one time rather than multiple times, or take half a day off of work and do the equivalent of 3-4 couples sessions worth of work at once. 

These quick gains sessions are a way to get the ball rolling and do a significant amount of work in one chunk of time. There are so many benefits to this. Often times when doing shorter, more frequent sessions with couples, it is easy to lose the momentum because of the starting and stopping each time. It can take time each session to get into a deeper dive or get to the heart of the issue at hand. In these quick-gains sessions, without the repeated starting and stopping, we can actually make more progress than we normally would with shorter, more frequent sessions. We can stay more focused on relationship patterns without having to deal with the things that tend to come up between sessions that often need to be attended to. This is especially useful for couples to tend to have high conflict and fight frequently inbetween sessions.  
In essence, it is a way to accomplish a few months of coaching at one time with less distractions in order to make significant progress. 

These more intensive sessions actually can go by fast because they are so focused.  At the end of this quick gain session, couples may still need to keep working, however sessions may be able to be less frequent and more about maintenance with a big portion of the initial work already done. If you want to know more or discuss pricing for a Quick Gains Immersion session, schedule a free discovery session to learn more. 

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