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Mixed-Faith Couples Coaching

*Are you worried about whether you can have a meaningful and thriving relationship and family life on the other side of a split in religious beliefs and values? 

*​Are you feeling disconnected by your religious, spiritual, or value differences?


*Is it difficult to have conversations about your different beliefs and values?


*Are you struggling to find compromises and middle ground in your relationship and parenting? 

Mixed faith couples coaching can help!

Mixed-Faith couples coaching is a way to help you understand all of the deeper layers contributing to any difficulty you might be having navigating your faith differences. When you have a deeper understanding of what is happening, you can then more easily learn new and more effective communication and behavior patterns. As a result, you can gain more respect and understanding for each other in order to work towards more collaboration and connection.


Learning healthy relationship skills for communication and compromise are critical to mixed-faith work, as well as learning how to listen at a different level than you may have done before. It is possible to get to a place of feeling connected and being able to collaborate, parent, or feel unified without either person having to sacrifice who they are. You can learn how to create a new kind of relationship that is more able to tolerate your differences and still feel connected and collaborative.

My approach with mixed-faith couples is similar to the work I do with all couples in that it is based in the model of Relational Life Therapy/Coaching in order to get an understanding of all of the deeper layers involved. It also involves skill and communication training that comes from the work of Dr. John Gottman as well as the developmental model framework of Dr. Ellyn Bader. I teach negotiation and compromise skills, parenting frameworks and incorporate many other tools from various experts in the field of couples work and in the field of negotiation differences.

Since there is so much variety in the needs, circumstances, and struggles of each partnership, I tailor my coaching packages to each unique couple. Typically I do 90-minute couples sessions every other week. But that can be tailored for shorter or more frequent sessions depending on the needs of the couple. I charge $150 per 90-minute session. I usually recommend 6-8 sessions to start to see progress and create change, but depending on the issues and needs involved, it may require more or less. I do a free consultation session to get a better feel for the intricacies and complexities if your situation to give you a more specific recommendation.

Because I tailor to the needs of each couple, I do not have  preset coaching packages that you purchase. You can just do one session to try it out, or you can purchase multiple sessions. I do offer discounts if you purchase 4 or 8 sessions at a time simply to encourage commitment to the process and sticking with it long enough to make progress.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation/discovery call to discuss your specific situation, use the link below. This is a no-pressure consultation meant to allow you to get a feel for me and how I might be able to help you so that you can make whatever choice suits you. 

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