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Different AND Connected Premium Coaching Package

Who This Package is For:

*Couples who want to get the most that they can for their money

*Couples who are highly motivated and committed to move their relationship into a more collaborative and connected place


*Couples who are willing to work and learn in between sessions in order to make the most progress as possible during our time together


*Couples who want to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time


*Couples who want to be held accountable to make changes and who are willing to practice new things.

The Focus of This Package:

Build Hope through understanding the natural processes at work in the relationship during and after the emergence of faith differences. 


Discover patterns that aren't working and create change


Reconnect as friends who know, understand and Trust each other deeply 


Create more intimacy  through learning how to communicate about differences in a connective way.


Dismantle the blocks that are creating a feeling of division.


Design a new vision of your future together.


Empower all areas of your relationship with a template for how to manage your ongoing differences.

Prices and Details:

Payment in Full Price:  $1495

4-Month Payment Plan Price:  $1660

 * Initial deposit of $400 to get started

          * 4 monthly payments of $315

over $500 in savings when you bundle everything together in this package!

Official Gottman Online Assessment

This online official assessment is backed by years of research to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. It includes a personalized pdf analysis report to help you understand the specifics of your relationship and what we can do to improve it. The assessment includes a free session to go over the results and create our goals and plan for our future work together.

Unlimited Access in between Sessions

For the duration of the program, you'll have unlimited access to me through either email or voxer with a 24-48 hour response time whenever possible. This will allow you to ask questions and get help and guidance in those day-to day moments when you most need it or when you feel stuck.

Access to Gottman Relationship Builder Library

Permanent access to a library of videos, documents and exercises from the Gottman Library that can be  catered to your specific needs as a couple. This will help you learn important research-backed relationship concepts in between coaching sessions in order to maximize learning and progress. This is normally a $520 value just for access to these resources!

Educational Resources to Fit Your Relationship Needs

Throughout the program you will receive educational materials and resources that correspond to elements you are working on in your relationship. These will be accessible through a shared Google folder as well as in individualized Honeybook Portal for an efficient and organized experience. 

Eight 90-minute Couples Coaching Sessions

Eight couples coaching sessions via zoom over the course of 4-5 months to work toward creating the kind of relationship that you want and to do the necessary work to get there.  These will be intensive sessions where I help facilitate the communication between the two of you in order to help you connect and collaborate in more meaningful ways. 

Two additional Free Guidance Sessions

Two emergency/help couples sessions up to 60 minutes each to use when you are feeling stuck, in conflict or can't find a compromise and feel like you could use an immediate session to help you get through it.  These can be used during the program in addition to your regularly scheduled sessions,  or as maintenance during the year following completion of the program.

What is Included

Let's Get Started!

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