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From Conflict To Compromise

A couples coaching program to help you navigate your conflicts and find connection and collaboration

Who This Is For:

*Couples who are struggling to navigate their conflicts around religious differences.

*Couples who want to learn a more effective and productive way to move through conflict 

*Couples who find themselves repeatedly stuck and disconnected around discussions about how to handle their mixed-faith daily life.

*Couples who feel disconnected because they can't find a way to compromise or collaborate.

* Couples who want a research-based method and template they they can use to work through their conflicts in the future.


*Acquire knowledge and skills about how to effectively navigate conflicts and create compromises.

*Create a relationship that has room for both of your different perspectives and experiences.

*Increase your ability to communicate about your differences in a way that brings you together.

* Deepen intimacy through understanding the deeper elements that are at the root of your conflicts.

*Practice the skills to move into collaboration and compromise so that you can continue to work through conflicts in the future.


Payment in Full: $699

Payment Plan Option: $759

($200 Deposit to get started, and two payments of $279.50 over 2 months).

$200 in savings when packaging sessions together in this bundle

What's Included:

Free Start-Up Session

You will receive a free start-up session to identify and explore the conflict areas that you are most stuck around so that we can create goals and a plan our work together.

Four 90-Minute Couples Coaching sessions

You will receive 4 couples

coaching sessions over the span of 1-2 months depending on frequency of scheduling.  These sessions will focus on helping you move from conflict and into connection and collaboration.  You will also have email support in between the sessions to help you navigate any stuck places as you are practicing these skills of conflict, compromise, and collaboration.

Educational Resources to help you move through conflict

You will receive educational materials and resources from relationship experts such as the Gottmans to help you gain as much understanding as possible around how to do conflict in an effective way.  These resources will provide the template and the  understanding you need to keep moving from conflict to compromise throughout your relationship.

Let's Get Started!

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