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Suzette Halterman

 Couples Coach, 
Mixed-Faith Marriage Specialist

Suzette Halterman MSCP,  Certified Relationship and Couples Coach, Certified RLT Couples Coach

Dealing with Differences

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Coaching for Couples

Coaching for




Rooted in the Relational Life Therapy model, learn how to make significant changes in your relationship dynamics in order to create a more fulfilling, connected and collaborative relationship.

Coaching for Couples



Coaching For



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Learn how to navigate your faith differences in a way that builds more connection, understanding, and collaboration. Discover the underlying factors contributing to your relationship dynamics and learn effective strategies to be more relational and connected in your differences. 

Coaching for Couples

Quick Gains




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Make quick gains in your relationship with an intensive couples session in a 4 hour focused block of time. This is a great option for couples who tend to have scheduling difficulties or where there is urgency in the relationship to get things moving in a better direction. 






 By changing your own part in the system, you can change the whole system. Learn how to do this with individual coaching related to your relationship struggles.

Get To Know Me

Personal Life

* I have been Married for 20 years and have 4 children, currently ages 9,11,13, and 15.

* I live in a small town in Colorado and love to enjoy the mountains and outdoors with my family. We bond through skiing, hiking, camping, wakesurfing, and playing together.

* I am a lover of relationship learning so you can usually find me listening to books, podcasts, or courses related to the work I do with couples.

* To read more about my own personal relationship and mixed-faith marriage journey, and why I specialize in mixed-faith marriages, click on "my story" below.

Training and Credentials

* Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology (marriage and family therapy emphasis)

* Certified Relationship and Couples Coach through The Relationship School , former couples coach at the Relationship School

* Level 2 trained in the Gottman Methods through the Gottman Institute 

*Trained 7 Principles Workshop Leader through the Gottman Institute

*Certified RLT coach through the Relational Life Institute with Terry Real

*Graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute

*Certificate of Religious Trauma Studies from The Global Center For Religious Research 

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